Bringing organizations out from chaos

Project Details:

Wekiva Consulting Group provided Interim VP of IT and Chief Information Officer services for a publicly traded drug discovery and preclinical oncology services company.  The Client had experienced rapid growth by acquiring companies over the past two years and needed IT and operational expertise to integrate the companies, systems, and harness their collective abilities.


An initial 90-day review of the overall IT processes, personnel, IT spend, and interoperability of various systems provided major insight to the changes required to bring about organizational efficiency and financial controls.  During this time the key deliverables were established to 1) reorganize the IT team strategy and staffing, 2) create an organization dashboard to clearly define projects and ensure successful completion, 3) bring in an offshore development team to extend the capability of the onshore team, 4) work closely with internal and external auditors to review and enhance IT rules to improve financial controls, and 5) creation of a two year IT roadmap and plan.

“User engagement and experience is a major focus for successful services”



Executive approval was obtained and over the next nine months the defined deliverables were met by reorganizing the siloed staff into an enterprise oriented team, revising and creating new SOPs and compliance rules, establishing an offshore development partner, analyzing and replacing manual process with automated solutions, hiring new qualified team members, and reviewing the IT annual spend and renegotiation of purchasing contracts.


Success doesn't just happen; it is the results of planning and creative collaboration!


“Bringing effective organization out of chaos.”


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