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Define & Conquer!

Wekiva Consulting uses this time proven, straight forward, approach to application design creating a direct path to success. Across the full spectrum, from simple to the most complex projects, 'Define and Conquer' provides the road map for success.

Wekiva CG

WCG can help you conquer that challenging project


Defining a project is similar to planning a trip. To be successful a few key factors need to be determined: current location, future destination, and time allotted to reach the destination.


Frequent design and project plan reviews, or application Prototyping, is a critical component in a project's life cycle. Effective communication and eyes-on reviews are key success factors.


End stages of a project are just as important as the beginning and in-between stages. Prerequisites to the final handoff must include client QA acceptance, documentation, and a plan for future support.


Turn your ideas into reality now!

  • Interim Executive Leadership
  • Program Management
  • Project Leadership
  • Process Documentation
  • Process Automation
    Claims Entry & Adjudication
    BPO Services
  • Software Design
    Website Design

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